Tyrolia Attack

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All Attack bindings provide the FR PRO 3 toe, improved stability and an updated heel design. Now the heel can be adjusted faster and in an open position. Additionally the binding comes with an improved AFD which reduces friction and guarantees constant release values. The Attack binding line is compatible with adult Alpine (ISO 5355 TYPE A) and adult Walk ski boots (ISO 23223 TYPE A). Thanks to the improved AFD it easily adjusts to different boot sole heights. The optimal height adjustment needs to be tested with a testing device for exact adaptation of the boot-binding system and better performance on skis.


11 GW 17 mm 3-11  1910 g
12 GW 17 mm 3.5-12 2020 g
14 GW 17 mm 4-14 2020 g
17 GW 17 mm 6-17 2190 g
14 MN 24 mm 4-14 2180 g

The Attack 11 GW binding is a compact and safe binding for all-mountain skiers who prefer control, performance and easy handling.

The Attack 12 GW binding is compact, light and provides constant release values thanks to the FR PRO 3 toe. The binding provides grip, safety and full transfer of power from the boot to the ski edge on any terrain.

The Attack 14 GW binding is a tough, all-mountain binding for high performance from powder and piste to the park and beyond. The binding features the FR PRO 3 toe with guaranteed constant release values. Its versatile functionality makes it the ideal tool for every freeskier!

The Attack 17 GW binding is compact, rugged, reliable and the binding of choice for pro-level freeskiers. The binding is supremely versatile and ready for use in any terrain.

The Attack 14 MN binding combines the safety features of the Attack line, first-class downhill performance and the versatility of the FR PRO 3 toe, suitable for adult Alpine (ISO 5355 TYPE A), Walk (ISO 23223 TYPE A) and all Touring ski boots (ISO 9523). The binding has an NX FR heel with a stand height of 24 mm.