The French brand Arva has focused on designing and developing first-rate snow safety equipment, like avalanche transceivers, for over 30 years. Development and manufacture still takes place in France and they continue to innovate to make searches simple and easy. Your avalanche equipment is extremely important and you need to be able to trust it. That's why we've chosen Arva.

Haglöfs is a Swedish outdoor brand founded in 1914. Haglöfs is far ahead in the clothing industry in terms of sustainability, which is really important for us at Norse Skis. They say that We believe that everyone can experience the outdoors, and do all we can to ensure that it will still be there for future generations to explore. We use Haglöfs Vassi and the lighter Vassi Touring. The longer cut jacket neatly overlaps the higher pants and creates a perfect seal to keep snow and cold winds out. It's simply put awesome clothing that never lets us down! The collections make it possible to mix and match jacket and pants to get the set you want and need.

Real world-class gloves, that is something that the Swedish company Hestra definitely lives up to. Hestra was founded in 1936 and is today run by the third and fourth generation of the family. The company owns the entire process from the purchase of materials to production, which ensures the high quality of the gloves. For us, it is an obvious choice to use Hestra's gloves when skiing. Actually, in everyday life also to be completely honest. Simply because it's really good gloves.  

Hoka one one, the shoe brand from the French Alps. Loved by mostly everyone from walkers to ultra runners. Their slogan Time To Fly fits very well, with Hoka it really feels like you can fly!

Norse Skis X Kang. Our branded Norse Skis poles come from the Swedish brand Kang. Their poles are developed with focus on minimal environmental impact, but with maximum ski experience. Why is easy to understand, they want to keep skiing deep powder tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and even after that. We couldn't agree more!

From the mountains for the mountains. Mons Royale was founded in the mountains of New Zealand by a pro skier and a designer, both with farming roots. Their background and their love for action and adventure sports has given Mons Royale its basis. Mons Royale makes high-performance merino apparel. Awesome apparel if you ask us and not least stylish as well.

Do we really need to say more? Might be the best goggles and sunglasses on the market and we truly love that. Oakley has a broad variety of goggles with different fits. Once you've found your perfect goggles, there are awesome lenses for all weathers and lights. Goggles from Oakley will be your best friend in the snow for many years.

POC makes some of the safest gear out there and we got both helmets and back protections in our store. We have several different helmets to choose from and we ourselves use the Obex BC mips, this backcountry-specific is extra reinforced for added safety. For kids we have helmets, goggles and back protection (in different colors that helps you keep track of your little skiers).

The Swiss brand Pomoca, with roots way back, is absolutely one of the kind when it comes to touring skins. That's why we both use and sell them. Our skins, from Pomoca Free Pro 2.0, come laser cut after our skis and therefore fits perfectly straight away. It doesn't get any easier or better than that!

A really good customised sole is a must in the ski boot. We mold insoles from Sidas, which both provide relief and increase performance. Sida's history actually has its beginnings on one of Hawaii's beaches. Loïc David, a Frenchman in the US, caught sight of a footprint in the sand and that gave him the ingenious idea of creating an insole that would be moulded directly to the shape of the foot resting on it. Sidas has a large assortment with different soles and in the store we also make molded soles for running and everyday life.

Our Italian friends who recycle waste from Pomocas skins. What do they do with it? Handmade keyholders, wallets and belts that are both cool and sleek! In other words suitable for both the mountains and the fine suit.

As a ski boot to use and sell we have chosen the Italian Tecnica Cochise in different flex options. All our Tecnica boots have a hike/walk mode with tech fittings to give you more options of where to ski. Tecnica are really supernice ski boots for long days on the mountain, doing what you like best! Combine with a custom made sole and a pair of Norse Skis, and you will definitely have a great day.