Hestra U Fall Line 5 Finger

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Hestra Fall Line 5 Finger Mitt, from the Alpine Pro collection, is a warm thumb glove for freeriding. It is a shorter model with a neoprene dredge that smoothly goes under the jacket sleeve. Sewn in durable impregnated leather with outward-facing seams that provide comfort and good pole grip. It has a removable synthetic lining that is easy to dry and wash, and also foam insulation for extra warmth and hold. 

The gloves have wrist straps that reduce the risk of losing the glove when taken off. Also included is a carabiner that allows you to secure the gloves when not used. 

If you take care of your gloves from Hestra, they last a long time. A couple of tips are to dry wet gloves at room temperature and occasionally lubricate with Hestra Original Leather Balm (a small tube is included).