The Freeride

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Only limited stock of Pomoca skins left. All skins will be back in stock December the latest. Order now and we'll send the skins separately in December. 

Product information

  • 110 mm waist
  • Big mountain
  • Deep powder tool 

The Freeride is built for bigger mountains and deeper snow. It is based on the same core construction as the award winning The Enduro but does, despite a quite modest 110 mm waist, offer extraordinary floating characteristics thanks to its unique shape and pronounced rocker.

Although being a distinguished big mountain ski, it actually behaves surprisingly well on piste. But truth is, piste is not what The Freedride is made for. Its construction offers a unique combination of shape and rocker that is not only floating better in deep snow than most wider skis, but also providing ability to change direction quickly and incredible stability at speed. 

The Norse recipe

The mixture of perfect pop and lightness in our skis is found in our own ash, poplar and balsa wood core. Torsional stiffness with traditional feel is delivered by double layers of aluminium sheets and triaxial glass fibres combined with the right amount of rubber vibration dampening. 

We also use a high quality sintered base that is permanently impregnated with the original Nanowaxxx treatment. It provides a waxless base that never needs waxing throughout the skis’ entire lifespan. It also hardens the base to increase the protection against rock impacts. 

Talking about rocks. We also use a wider 2.0 x 1.8 mm steel edge to endure  more sharpening and increase the lifespan of your next dearest friends.  

Technical specifications

Size Radius
184 cm
24 m
1.900 g
192 cm
26 m
2.050 g

Sidecut: 133 - 110 - 123 mm

Complete your setup

The Freeride may of course be delivered with the bindings of your choice and touring skins cut to the shape of the skis. We can offer both alpine and touring setups with Atomic or ATK binding and laser cut Pomoca skins. 

Mounting service is of course always free of charge. In case you want us to mount bindings on your skis, please make sure to add your boot sole length in millimeters during checkout (Measurement is typically found on the heel of your boot)